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White people get so angry at the phrase, “You cannot be racist towards white people.”

I will never understand why.

Why are you so angry that you are being treated as actual human beings? You are not reduced to caricatures, but portrayed as characters. You are treated fairly, judged not by your skin tone, but by the ways that you carry yourselves, by your actions.

Why do you want to experience racism so badly? It is not fun to be mocked, dehumanized, attacked, killed, incarcerated simply for daring to exist. It is not fun to know nothing of your history or family because it was torn apart, whether through distance or death. It is not fun to hear, at every turn, comments reminding you of your lesser status as humans.

Do you really want to turn on the tv, open a magazine, watch a movie, play a video game, and not see yourself? Or, even better, to only see yourself as a criminal, as a drunk, a mocking stereotype, or as someone to be killed off? Or would you rather see fleshed out, well-written characters with lives and personalities and feelings? I know which I’d rather pick.

If I were a white person, the phrase, “You cannot be racist towards white people,” would be the best thing I could ever hear.

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Anas Qandeel, 17 years old Palestinian from Gaza wrote on his Facebook two days ago,”I can not sleep, when are you going to attack my home”. Today, he was killed by an Israeli airstrike. Rest In Peace, Anas.


Free Palestine. Rest in power, Anas.

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It is illegal for women to go topless in most cities, yet you can buy a magazine of a woman without her top on at any 7-11 store. So, you can sell breasts, but you cannot wear breasts, in America.

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This is one of my favorite quotes about sexualization/objectification vs autonomy of female bodies bc it’s so succinct

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You know, the one that gives housewives/full-time mothers a pension— wages for housework?

It’s ONLY A HUGE VICTORY FOR FEMINISM, SOCIALISM, AND WOMEN OF COLOR. Not a big deal or anything. Tumblr is mysteriously silent about this.


holy shit!

fucking COOL

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“This May Not Be Our Country, But It Has Always Been Our Land”

Protest sign seen Wednesday in San Diego at a demonstration in solidarity with child migrants and their families. In the spirit of Yolanda López, Gloria Anzaldúa, and many more, its truth is powerful and undeniable.

“We want to be the voice of all these children. With their situation, their rights are violated by the government. We ask that they be treated with dignity and respect, to be provided with legal assistance in order to be legally represented,” reads a statement posted by one of the demonstration’s organizers.

Thanks to Kim Moore for sharing her photo with us.

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One of the most sinister things about normalized racism is you don’t have to have bad intentions to be racist, you just have to remain ignorant.

Why Some of Your Favorite People Are Racist | AmericaWakieWakie (via america-wakiewakie)

its so easy to be dangerous in a racist society. just by doing nothing you contribute to normalized oppression.

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ya hes cute but would he call out a transmisogynist

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We have to send a clear message just because your child gets across the border doesn’t mean your child gets to stay. We don’t want to send a message contrary to our laws or encourage more to come.

Hillary Clinton [WSJ]

So you send a message by keeping children in cells as if they were some kind of fucking dogs?

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This is Clinton, your “feminist leader”. Fuck her.

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Your fave is fucking garbage who doesn’t deserve to lead :)

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Ew. Ew, ew, ew. And especially gross, given how it was Bill Clinton who proudly instituted NAFTA, which had a huge hand in destroying Mexican agricultural economy and making conditions worsen for all these children—to USA’s benefit! Give it a month or five and we’ll have to deal with her making stops at taco shops and using corny guacamole metaphors to show Mexican Americans how much she ‘gets’ us. 

Clear message, indeed. And it is not missed by us.

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If Black People Said The Stuff White People Say

OK, the internet has just won everything. i have nothing left to fucking say. just watch this please and get right.

*my hopes of representation in the media just manifested*


Love your self and don’t read the comments. White people tears all over it.

it’s so beautiful

We found a winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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@DarkMatterRage is #NotProud of the co-optation of Pride and the depoliticization of the white cis gay agenda.

Solidarity to all the trans, queer, PoC, &/ low income folks experiencing micro and macro agressions this Pride season. Keep the resistance alive!

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When I was a kid I thought your 20s were supposed to be fun, not filled with perpetual anxiety about financial stability and constantly feeling like an unaccomplished piece of shit. 

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I think I’ve finished the ink! Now to add color (≧∇≦)

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Antron McCray. Kevin Richardson. Yusef Salaam. Raymond Santana. Koery Wise. 

These are the names of the INNOCENT black and Latino men who spent 7-13 years in jail for a crime they didn’t, a crime they are still seeking justice for. Never Forget!

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